The Journey Begins

Stressed out. Overworked. Managing People is HARD. Growing your team and your idea is HARD. Where do I go next, how do I deploy my capital, how do I avoid the mistakes everyone makes? Why does every company seemingly make the same mistakes? How can I elevate my team and its experience to produce the best version of “this” I can? Start with the people. You know your product, you know the direction you want to go, you know why your idea was invested in, but how do you move it forward? With a team and a foundation that is built for the future not today.

“make a plan and foundation for success… because failure will take care of itself.”

Tom Yellin, Co-Founder & President The Documentary Group

Building Blocks

The best advice given from Animoto board member and advisor Tom Yellin,  during the early stages has stayed with me since. He said, “make a plan and foundation for success… because failure will take care of itself.” I am not sure if this is a known saying from someone else, but that one statement had a profound effect on me.

Every decision, we made moving forward, about raising venture funding, to office locations, to which coffee maker to purchase was based on this notion that we had to build the best culture and organization we could; something that we would WANT to be a part of.

I know that is exactly what everyone says when they start out but without a proper foundation to support the success, you will inevitably hit a wall. The wall when you can’t support the staff you have well, and their experience faulters.


Proactive Operational Structure & Information Systems

Be proactive about the relationship you want your team to have to you (executive team & founders), and your organization. Not lip service, but legitimate action. It is really easy to implement a philosophy and structure around people when you are relatively small. Do the work first, set the table for your success and then avoid the disenfranchised, overworked, underappreciated employee that sucks the life and fun out of the business you are creating.

Where to start first?

This is a self-serving statement. Start by contacting me to learn more about the custom consulting project to address your organizational management and human capital needs.

Plan for Success

Plan for success by taking the organization of your team and business serious. If you missed this step, let’s get working on a plan to get you where you want to go.

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