History & the Future

I really am not sure if this should be written in first or third person, but I am going to write this “about” page from my perspective on me. Using the Myers-Briggs personality assessment guide I am an INFP, which means that writing this is probably the hardest thing I will do on this site!

I started my career in insurance underwriting, more specifically management liability lines (think D&O insurance, Employment Practices Libaility and if you have no idea what I am talking about then we need get you connected to your insurance broker ASAP)! I learned how to evaluate and calculate risk, how to identify organizations that were well run, financially sound and good insurance risks.

When, I made the switch to the technology startup world in 2006 when, with 4 friends from Seattle, we all pitched in our life savings and started Animoto.com. For 6 years I worked tirelessly with our founding team to build the organization and company that we are proud of. The culture that still exists today, 13 years later is the hallmark of Animoto and the foundation for its operational stability.

Consulting & Helping Others

Cutting my teeth at Animoto by creating an award-winning culture from scratch gave me the confidence and vision to take this management style and approach to other organizations. I work with organizations of all sizes to develop the appropriate strategy and style to enable each and every team member to reach their goals. That is awesome work. That is what I can do for your team.

I look forward to the opportunity to help you elevate your organization! Nate