Leadership & Executive Training

Leaders aren’t born they are developed.

One on One Coaching. C-Level, Mid-Level & Rising Star level coaching to better enable your team and organization to succeed. Coaching is an invaluable tool for you to explore your strengths and weaknesses to help you to achieve your goals. Click here to fill out our coaching questionairre.

Management Training. Most organizations take their top performers, put them in a leadership position and expect the same excellence from them when they had no leadership responsibilities. Develop the management training tools for your team to grow into their responsibilities. Undersupported and undertrained managers fail themselves and their team. According to a CareerBuilder survey, 58% of managers have never received any management training. I am sure they will figure it out. Or help them out by building a sustainable management training culture and program.

Rising Star. You know the ones, these are the people in your organization that rise above the standard. They produce the best work product, they are collaborative, they are the strength of your team. They are incredibly valuable, and your competitors know it too. Rising stars are susceptible to the constraints they are placed in, and their influence within the organization. Keep their eye from wandering by understanding how to manage, guide and develop these employees.

Company All Hands

Meetings & Facilitation. Sometimes you need to get the team together to communicate a strategy, a vision or a change in direction. Sometimes you need to get everyone out of their day to day to clear their heads and focus on growing as a company and as individuals. I work with clients to develop annual or bi-annual company meetings to help grow the culture and connectedness of an organization. The Company All Hands meeting is the best way to get everyone on the same page on the same day.

The Culture Cure. Sometimes things are just rotten from the inside out. Sometimes a sickness can invade the culture of an organization and it needs to be extracted. This is hard, this causes pain, but in the end, you are able to get rid of the sickness and realign your organization toward the future you and your team want.

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