Chino Wong

Chino Wong, Director of Product Design, Braze

Nate is arguably the most important reason why people love working at Animoto. It is very rare that a human resources department (or People Services team, as Nate insisted it be known as) can foster a fun, safe, and productive environment to work while maintaining the professionalism, reliability and sense of empowerment that an organization and its employees need. But it is precisely this extremely rare combination that Nate has almost single-handedly created in his time at Animoto. For many of us here, Animoto has been the best place we’ve ever worked at. From the creature comforts of the office and organized recreational activities, to the empowering of managers with the resources to support their teams, Nate has been the champion of everyone who has ever accepted an offer to work here. There are a thousand examples I could give about how Nate has left his indelible footprint on the extraordinary culture here at Animoto. Or a thousand more examples I could provide of his skillful handling of difficult circumstances surrounding hiring and firing, financial audits, or facilitating the growth of a group of four founders to a company of over 75 employees across 4 countries. But no testament is greater to Nate’s accomplishments here than the thriving success and profitability of Animoto and the quality of the human beings who work here. It was an honor to work with Nate. 

Grady Leno

Grady Leno, Chief Product Officer WorkMarket

Nate is a great asset to startups, a creator of upbeat culture, and a genuinely good guy. He has the ability to adapt to changes in business and be a utility player, providing value in all areas of operations. Nate served as the CFO, head of HR, and built out 3 separate facilities during his time at Animoto. Many came to (and stayed at) Animoto due to his approach to people management. Entrepreneurs looking for someone to handle all their business infrastructure and operations would be well served to give Nate a call.